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Before proceeding, there are a few small checks which also can be performed by Mac users which are fast and effective to the SD card not showing up on Mac issue:
1. Wipe the SD card with a clean and dry cloth to remove any dirt, dust, or grease.
2. Try another SD card reader or slot to check if its working or not.
3. Suppose that you are using a microSD, make sure to unlock it safely.
4. Make sure the contact points of the SD card are correctly position and facing down before inserting into the SD card slot on the Mac device. SD slot can be thin and wide, so Mac users must be careful when connecting the SD card.

SD card not showing up mac’ error is not something unusual for the Mac users, and there are several reasons associated with it. The issue can be fixed easily by doing some simple and easy checks, along with the given solutions.
Still, Mac users must make sure to restore all essential data from the SD card before applying these solutions as the data can be lost forever.
Use the free Mac recovery tool-Bitwar Data Recovery Software for Mac as it provides 100% data recovery effectively and safely.