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With Apple’s latest image innovation, HEIC format is born. HEIC format is pretty good and innovative until you face compatibility problems because JPG format is still the default image format for most of the other systems except iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra or newer. That why we need the best and free HEIC converter to solve this issue!

What is HEIC?
The full name of HEIC is High-Efficiency Image Format. HEIC is a default image format for iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra systems. HEIC format comes with a lot of advantages. Its main advantage is increasing higher quality images and videos that use smaller file sizes. Moreover, it also uses up less storage space on your mobile phone, and speed up your image syncing to your computer and iCloud.

HEIC format can store many photos in one file such as the latest features of iOS: Live photo and burst mode. It can help to save edited pictures too, for example, cropping and rotating so you can undo the edit or revert to the original images. This format is very beneficial but not supported by many software yet. So you are recommended to use a Free HEIC converter to convert HEIC to JPG.

Deli HEIC Converter For Window and Mac
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