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What is OCR?
It is meant for Optical Character Recognition. It is a technology that helps to recognize text or letter in an image such as a scanned word or document. Besides, OCR also can use to convert all kinds of Images that contain written letters to text or word data for users to edit and copy.

How Does it Work?
The image process technology will first scan the text or word in the image. Then, it will manipulate the letter that was scanned through the OCR algorithm and thousands of code. Later, after manipulating and find the right matches of all the algorithms, the content in the image will be produced in a Text form.

What is the Benefit of OCR?
Without a doubt, it can save us all lots of time and energy when doing all sorts of paperwork documents. When we are trying to copy or rewrite a letter, we can use the OCR software to convert all the content or word in the papers and letters to text. We can copy and paste the text on our system for further work instead of rewriting the entire content or information again.

Therefore, most of the time OCR technology is used frequently in many types of industries such as Banking, newspapers, Insurance, Logistics, Accounting, Hospital, etc. for less paperwork and higher productivity.

Best OCR Software for Recommendation
If you want to start OCR-ing on your computer now, no worry! Just download and create an account at Deli OCR Text Recognition Software. It is the Deli OCR Text Recognition software you can find on the Internet and it supports on Windows 7, 8, and 10.
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