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Possible Reasons
To let you understand more about how the ‘Seagate external hard drive not showing up Mac’ issue happens, we listed some of the possible causes of this issue below:
1. Faulty or loose connection and damaged cable.
2. Mac OS update.
3. Corrupted file system in Seagate drive.
4. Viruses and Malware.
5. Hard drive errors.
6. Some unknown reasons.

Basic Seagate External Hard Drive Checks
After knowing the causes of the issue, Mac users need to go through some of the basic checks before jumping directly to the solutions to fix the issue of ‘Seagate external hard drive not showing up Mac’.

Sometimes Seagate External Hard Drive is not showing up on Mac because of some small issues. This can save users more time and effort on fixing the issue!

1. Check for the loose connection by reconnecting the Seagate hard drive.
2. Try the hard drive with another USB port on the Mac device.
3. Connect the Seagate hard drive to another system or computer to check if its working or not.
4. Check the physical condition of the external hard drive.
If the ‘Seagate external hard drive not showing up Mac’ issue is not fixed after performing all the checks above, then you have to carry on with the effective solutions below to fix the problem but Make Sure to Recover all your essential data as there could be a risk of data loss while performing these solutions with the best free Mac data recovery tool.
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