Pinoy Geeks Rules

  • Please only use English or Tagalog in posting messages in the forum. Avoid SMS-type and some weird styles like jejemon posts.
  • We recommend that you keep your posts relevant to the forum in which you are currently in. Try to make your posts informative and/or entertaining.
  • Stalking or persistent harassment of an individual or group of individuals is prohibited.
  • No overly abusive language. If your post is excessively vulgar, insulting, explicit, self-deprecating or racial, without any justification of any kind as of why, we will promptly delete it and you may face possible penalization.
  • We do not endorse illegal activities; any illegal software or content isn't to be hosted on PinoyGeeks.
  • Pornography or other inappropriate content such as gore or flashing/annoying gifs are not to be included in any member's signature or avatar, and is not to appear on any part of the site. Content leaks related to pornographic websites that include pornographic material and links to sites that include pornographic material are to appear only in the upgraded sections of the site.
  • Discussion, depiction or promotion of child sexuality, abuse, exploitation and/or related topics that may be harmful to or threaten the security of a child and/or minor is not permitted. Submitting any content or utilizing language or terms meant to imply or insinuate these situations may result in a warning, permanent ban or other form of punishment depending on the context of their use.
  • Advertising another Forum or Website is not allowed. This includes (but is not limited to): threads, user title, username and signature.
  • Users shall NOT attempt to impersonate Staff Members in any way.
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed. Any user found to have multiple accounts will have their accounts removed and possibly banned.
  • Do not harass or threaten staff members. You will be banned.